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Policy issues for long-term growth of fertilizer use in Bangladesh

This paper discusses policy issues relevant to sustained rapid growth in Bangladesh's fertilizer consumption. The second section is an overview of fertilizer consumption as it has evolved over the years. It also provides a comparative perspective on…

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Fertilizer development and price in international perspective

Fertilizer use in Bangladesh exceeded 540,000 metric tons of nutrients in 1983/84 and 1985/B6. In 1984/85 it reached 596,311 tons. In terms of materials, this was more than 1.26 million metric tons. Thus from 1983/84 to 1985/86 applications of…

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Agronomic and environmental constraints on fertilizer effectiveness

For the average farmer in Bangladesh, the use of chemical fertilizer is most effective and profitable when he possesses technical knowledge about soil conditions, pesticides, and the importance of timing and balance in fertilizer application rates.…


Fertilizer pricing policy in Bangladesh

These collected papers represent part of the output from an intensive study conducted between September 1984 and March 1985 in Bangladesh and Washington, D.C. The study was a collaborative effort commissioned by the Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture…

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Fertilizer consumption, pricing, and foodgrain production in Bangladesh

Rice and wheat occupy about 83 percent of the cropped area in Bangladesh, yet the country has to meet nearly one-tenth of its consumption of cereals through imports. It is well known that in Bangladesh, the potential for increasing food production…