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Assessing the potential cost of a failed Doha Round

The goal of this chapter is not to uncover additional benefits associated with the DDA, but to reexamine the value of an agreement by considering potential gains and losses in a moving landscape of trade policies. Traditional impact studies have…

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Domestic and trade policies affecting the world cotton market

While not a food item in and of itself, cotton is important for food security in many developing countries. The cotton sector is also subject to a lot of controversy regarding its role in development, poverty alleviation, North–South trade, and…

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Food security stocks and the WTO legal framework

The international trading system’s ability to operate adequately is important for global economic development, poverty alleviation, and food security. Of particular importance to the global trading system is the set of multilateral trade rules first…

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Introduction: Setting the stage

This book is devoted to the complex and controversial relationship between the global trading system and food security. In particular, it aims to answer the question of why trade and the World Trade Organization (WTO) matter for food security. While…

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La modélisation des impacts du changement climatique sur l’agriculture présente un défi majeur résultant de processus de grandes envergures lié au fonctionnement des marchés, à l’écosystème et au comportement humain. Le cadre analytique utilisé dans…

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Rèsumè et conclusions

La variabilité climatique est une réalité qui affecte les moyens de subsistance des populations rurales en Afrique de l’ouest aujourd’hui et constitue un défi croissant dans la région, ainsi que dans de nombreux autres région d’Afrique et même…