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Notre objectif dans ce chapitre est d’aider les décideurs et les chercheurs à mieux comprendre et anticiper les impacts probables du changement climatique sur l’agriculture et sur les ménages vulnérables au Nigeria. Pour ce faire, nous examineront les…

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Structural change and the possibilities for future growth in Nigeria

Since the turn of the century, overall economic growth in Nigeria has been consistently strong—averaging around 5.4 percent per year, up substantially from about 2.0 percent during 1990–2000. Moreover, overall GDP growth in the past decade is even…

book chapter

Transforming the rice sector

This book presents analyses of primary and secondary data on the production, domestic market, processing, consumption, and trade for the rice economy in Nigeria using a variety of economic models. The goal has been to identify constraints and…

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Policy options for modernizing the milling sector

The objective of this chapter is to assess the potential for transforming and modernizing the domestic rice milling sector in Nigeria using a mathematical programming model. More specifically, it seeks to address a number of key policy questions: Are…

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Production systems: Biophysical and economic environment and constraints

The objective of this chapter is to provide a descriptive overview of the current rice production systems in Nigeria, their underlying biophysical and socioeconomic constraints, and their potential for expanding rice production. The chapter is…

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Policy options for inducing a supply response

The objective of this chapter is to examine empirically some of the key economic factors affecting the profitability of paddy rice production at the farm level and, given these current conditions, estimate whether price incentives are able to induce…