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Local to National: Thailand’s Integrated Nutrition program

THAILAND REDUCED CHILD undernutrition by more than half within one decade—an achievement recognized by the nutrition community as one of the best examples of a successful national nutrition program. Underweight rates among children under five…

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Getting to specifics: Bangladesh’s evolving nutrition policies

REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENTS IN welfare and human development indicators in Bangladesh—including a notable reduction in the poverty headcount—have accompanied recent economic growth.1 Some aspects of nutrition have been part of this success story. For…

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On the front line: Community nutrition programming

Whatever advances have been made in terms of technologies, interventions, and their delivery platforms in recent decades, it is households and communities that remain on the front lines in combating malnutrition. During the past half century, several…

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Commitments and accountability: Peru’s unique nutrition journey

PERUVIANS HAVE MUCH to celebrate in regards to the rapid progress the country has made in reducing malnutrition. In 2013, only 3.5 percent of children under five years of age in Peru were underweight. Even smaller proportions— 0.5 percent and 0.1…

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Championing nutrition: Effective leadership for action

THE CALLS FOR strong leadership in the fight against global and national malnutrition have multiplied during the past decade. The role of nutrition champions in advocating for nutrition, formulating policies, and coordinating and implementing action…