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Biosafety and perceived commercial risks

This brief summarizes a study on commercial risks and the role of GM-free private standards in biosafety decisionmaking in developing countries. The findings are used to suggest a straightforward decisionmaking framework to help separate real…


Marketing and trade policies for genetically modified products

This brief analyzes the past successes and recent challenges of South Africa’s trade and marketing policies on genetically modified (GM) products, with the aim of drawing lessons for countries that are designing their biosafety systems.


Biosafety and biodiversity risks

One of 8 briefs in Research at a Glance — Promising crop biotechnologies for smallholder farmers in East Africa. Briefs 19-26


Strategic environmental assessment

Meeting the food needs of the world’s growing population while reducing poverty and protecting the environment is a major global challenge. Private- and public-sector organizations must decide how to spend limited agricultural research funds in order…


Empowering women to achieve food security

Women play important roles as producers of food, managers of natural resources, income earners, and caretakers of household food and nutrition security. Giving women the same access to physical and human resources as men could increase agricultural…