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working paper

Status, distribution and determinants of poverty in the COMESA region:

Poverty and vulnerability are among the major problems in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA). To design appropriate poverty reduction initiatives for the region, it is not only important to understand the distribution of poverty but also the…

working paper

The structure and trends of public expenditure on agriculture in Mozambique

The fight against poverty remains the key development goal of the Government of Mozambique (GoM). Success in the transformation of the agriculture sector is considered a necessary condition for meeting the goal because agriculture and poverty are…

working paper

Mapping risk and vulnerability hotspots in the COMESA region

The socio-economic condition in most COMESA countries is characterised by persistent high poverty levels and low food security. This is further compounded by the susceptibility of agriculture to climatic variability and other hazards as well as the…

project paper

A quantative assesment of COMESA customs union

The member countries of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) had agreed to launch a customs union by December 2008 under which a common external tariff (CET) would have been imposed on all goods and services imported from outside…