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discussion paper

Credit constraints, organizational choice, and returns to capital

"Traditional economic theory posits that a well-functioning capital market is a necessary condition for industrialization and economic growth. In reality, micro and small enterprises are ubiquitous because entrepreneurs can undertake low-return…

discussion paper

The role of clustering in rural industrialization

""Wenzhou used to be one of the poorest regions in eastern China. With limited arable land, poor road access to major cities, and little support from the upper level governments, this region seemed to lack all the conditions necessary for economic…

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Maquiladoras and market mamas: women's work and childcare in Guatemala City and Accra

This paper analyses work, childcare, and earnings of mothers in the slums of Guatemala City and Accra. Similar factors affect decisions to work and to use formal daycare, but the importance of childcare varies with the role of the formal labour…


The Guatemala Community Day Care Program

Women who live in marginalized urban areas are underincreased pressure to work outside the home inincome-generating activities.The scarcity of child care alterna-tives can be a severe constraint to their household’s liveli-hood, food, and nutrition…