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Burundi’s agricultural sector employs close to 90 percent of the country’s economically active population, represents approximately 50 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP), and accounts for over 80 percent of exports (World Bank 2010; FAO…

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Burundi [in French]

Au Burundi, le secteur agricole emploie près de 90 % de la population active, représente environ 50 % du produit intérieur brut (PIB), et contribue pour plus de 80 % aux recettes d’exportation (Banque mondiale 2010; FAO 2009). Toutefois, la faible…

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The vast majority of Nepal’s population—80 percent of whom live in rural areas—derives their livelihood from agriculture. Despite a decrease in recent years, agriculture’s contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) still amounts to one-third. The…

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The war and accompanying Tutsi genocide of the early 1990s devastated Rwanda’s agricultural research agencies, and they continue to face challenges related to the resulting loss of human resource capacity and physical infrastructure. Nevertheless,…

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After attaining independence from South Africa in 1990, Namibia shifted the focus of its agricultural research and development (R&D) away from commercial landholders toward small-scale subsistence farmers. In the early 1990s, agricultural R&D…