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How did sanctions impact Myanmar?

Sanctions- cutting financial aid, blocking access to assets, and  reversing investment flows- imposed on Myanmar, lasted more than a decade. What were the country's coping strategies?


Experiences and prospects of genetically engineered crops

In 2015 there were an estimated 180 million hectares—or 445 million acres—planted to GE crops in 23 countries, representing roughly 12% of world’s total cropland. Almost all GE crops planted worldwide are corn, soybean, cotton and canola engineered to…


The family business: Is there a future for small farms?

The United Nations declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming. Although many forms of production were once family-based, agriculture is now one of the few that are still dominated by families. Because family farms are so prevalent, making…


What's politics got to do with it: Nutrition and the policy agenda

Recent experience has shown that as countries get richer, nutritional status does not necessarily improve. In a recent article in the journal The Lancet, IFPRI researchers and others explain that creating the right conditions for nutritional advances…


Measuring hunger

A central part of IFPRI’s mission is to provide policy solutions for ending hunger and malnutrition. This mission implies that we know the size and scope of the hunger problem around the world. In fact, however, measuring hunger is fraught with…