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discussion paper

The reality of food losses: A new measurement methodology

Our objective is to improve how food loss is quantified and characterize the nature of food loss across the value chain for different commodities in a wide array of countries. For this purpose, we designed a set of surveys to measure the extent of…


Agricultural market reforms and technology adoption in Senegal

Many smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa do not use basic agricultural technologies to improve crop quality. In the Senegal River Valley, researchers tested whether receiving advance information on a market reform—introducing quality labels for…

project paper

Sensibilité des modèles d’équilibre général au mode de bouclage macroéconomique: illustration à l’aide du modèle standard de l’IFPRI

Dans cet article nous étudions la sensibilité des modèles d’équilibre général aux modes de bouclage macroéconomique à l’aide du modèle standard de l’IFPRI appliqué au Nigeria et à la Tanzanie. Deux séries de simulations sont effectuées: une réduction…

project paper

Why can’t MENA countries trade more?: The curse of bad institutions

This paper explores the relationship between institutions and trade in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The literature offers a broad consensus that bad institutions hamper trade and that trade liberalization engenders institutional…