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2015 Social Accounting Matrix for Tanzania

This data study includes social accounting matrix (SAM) for Tanzania for the year 2015. The SAM is an extension of the Standard Nexus structure. It consists of 68 activity sectors, 70 commodity sectors, three types of factors of production: labor…

working paper

Prospects for the sectoral transformation of the rural economy in Tanzania: A review of the evidence

To guide economy-wide modeling efforts to identify specific public investments under Tanzania’s second Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP II), this report provides an analysis of the performance of the rural economy of mainland Tanzania…

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Integrating gender into small-scale irrigation

Small-Scale Irrigation (SSI) interventions, like other development interventions, need to take into account men’s and women’s context-specific roles in agriculture and their related gender-based preferences and challenges. Understanding gender…

data paper

2015 Social Accounting Matrix for Tanzania

The purpose of this paper is used to document the different steps followed to construct the 2010/11 Social Accounting Matrix for Ethiopia. The SAM is an extension of the Standard Nexus Structure. It consists of 63 activity sectors, 67 commodity…

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Female labor outcomes and large-scale land investments in Tanzania

The current transformation of the agricultural sector in many African countries has been perceived to be connected to land resources and the quest to advance agriculture as a commercial enterprise. The main expectations in this agricultural…

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Sensibilité des modèles d’équilibre général au mode de bouclage macroéconomique: illustration à l’aide du modèle standard de l’IFPRI

Dans cet article nous étudions la sensibilité des modèles d’équilibre général aux modes de bouclage macroéconomique à l’aide du modèle standard de l’IFPRI appliqué au Nigeria et à la Tanzanie. Deux séries de simulations sont effectuées: une réduction…