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Zimbabwe: Agricultural R&D Indicators Factsheet

This country factsheet presents key agricultural R&D indicators in a highly accessible visual display. The publication also feature a more in-depth analysis of some of the key challenges that the country’s agricultural R&D system is facing, and the…

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Modeling the determinants of poverty in Zimbabwe

Many poverty profiles classifying the poor according to characteristics such as level of education, consumption levels, employment status, and household size have been constructed in Zimbabwe (see Malaba, 2013). However, despite their usefulness in…


2015 Nutrition country profile: Zimbabwe

The 193 individual country profiles capture the status and progress of all UN Member States, and the 80+ indicators include a wealth of information on child, adolescent and adult anthropometry and nutritional status, in addition to intervention…


ASTI Zimbabwe database

Working through collaborative alliances with numerous national and regional R&D agencies and international institutions, Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) is a comprehensive and trusted source of information on agricultural R&D…


Food Policy Research Capacity Indicators

The motivation to measure food policy research capacity stems from a pressing need to understand what a country's primary constraints are in undertaking food policy research and using it effectively in the policy process. With such understanding,…

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