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Food security stocks: Economic and operational issues

The use of public food stocks for food security purposes is a hotly debated topic in international trade negotiations on agriculture within the World Trade Organization (WTO). Regardless of the legal standing of food stocks under the WTO legal…

book chapter

Food security stocks and the WTO legal framework

The international trading system’s ability to operate adequately is important for global economic development, poverty alleviation, and food security. Of particular importance to the global trading system is the set of multilateral trade rules first…


2017 Global food policy report: Synopsis [in Chinese]

Important signs of progress in food security and nutrition and a commitment to sustainable development marked 2016. Yet challenges arising from dramatically changing political, economic, and demographic landscapes are sure to test the international…


2017 Global food policy report: Synopsis [in Russian]

2016 год ознаменовался важными признаками прогресса на пути к достижению продовольственной безопасности и улучшению питания, а также подтверждением приверженности принципам устойчивого развития. Однако новые сложности, возникающие вследствие…


2017 Rapport sur les politiques alimentaires mondiales: Synopsis

L’année 2016 a été marquée par d’indéniables signes de progrès sur le plan de la sécurité alimentaire et de la nutrition, ainsi que par un engagement en faveur du développement durable. Pourtant, les défis découlant des paysages politiques,…

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Food policy indicators: Tracking change: Food Policy Research Capacity Indicators (FPRCI)

This section provides updates on data generated by IFPRI research in 2016 and illustrations of key trends. Indicators include investments in agricultural research, public spending on agriculture, capacity for food policy research, and agricultural…