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Child malnutrition in Nigeria: Evidence from Kwara State

Poverty and a lack of awareness seem to be at the heart of the problem of childhood malnutrition in Nigeria. Until the socioeconomic status of the vast majority of Nigerians improves significantly, malnutrition will continue to pose a serious threat…

project paper

Exposure to aflatoxins greater among poor in eastern Kenya

This study is the first to show the significant association between poverty and aflatoxin exposure. Yet, whether or not aflatoxin truly causes child stunting is a question that can only be answered through a rigorous approach, such as a…

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The effect of insurance enrollment on maternal and child health care utilization

Access to and use of health services are concerns in poor countries. If implemented correctly, health insurance may help solve these concerns. Due to selection and omitted variable bias, however, it is difficult to determine whether joining an…

discussion paper

Communication and coordination: Experimental evidence from farmer groups in Senegal

Coordination failures are at the heart of development traps. Although communication can reduce such failures, to date experimental evidence has primarily been lab based. This paper studies the impact of communication in stag hunt coordination games…