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Innovation and research by private agribusiness in India

Agricultural research and innovation has been a major source of agricultural growth in developing countries. Unlike most research on agricultural research and innovation which concentrated on the role of government research institutes and the…

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The relevance of content in ICT initiatives in Indian agriculture

In the past decade, many information and communication technology (ICT) projects in Indian agriculture have emerged, either substituting or supporting extension services by providing farmers with access to agricultural information. ICTs have the…

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Farmers’ information needs and search behaviors: Case study in Tamil Nadu, India

Public agricultural extension systems often fail due to inadequate consultation of farmers about their information needs and poor understanding of their information search strategies. In discussing and implementing extension programs and advisory…

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Measuring the contribution of Bt cotton adoption to India's cotton yields leap

While a number of empirical studies have demonstrated the role of Bt cotton adoption in increasing Indian cotton productivity at the farm level, there has been questioning around the overall contribution of Bt cotton to the average cotton yield…

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Supranational collaboration in agricultural research in sub-saharan Africa

This paper focuses on how supranational collaboration in agricultural research in Sub-Saharan Africa has evolved over the past 10 years. It focuses primarily on the various institutional developments, but also presents some quantitative data on…


African agricultural R&D in the new millennium

After a decade of stagnation during the 1990s, investments and human resource capacity in public agricultural research and development (R&D) averaged more than 20 percent growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) during 2001–2008. In 2008, the region spent…