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Addressing knowledge gaps in rice growing in eastern uganda

Rice is becoming increasingly important for Ugandan farm households, both as a cash crop and staple food. Rice production in Uganda increased from about 110,000 tons in 2000 to about 237,000 tons in 2014 and the share of rice in total consumption also…

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Risk and sustainable crop intensification among Ugandan rice and potato farmers

To feed a growing and increasingly urbanized population, Uganda needs to increase crop production without further exhausting available resources. Therefore, smallholder farmers are encouraged to adopt sustainable crop intensification methods such as…

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How does credit affect yields? Lessons from potato and rice farmers in Uganda

Despite favorable agro-ecological conditions, agricultural productivity in Uganda remains low. Crop intensification methods, such as the application of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides and the use of improved planting material, are promoted for…

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Rural-urban transformation in Uganda

Uganda over the last twenty years has maintained high economic growth rates, increasing urbanization and shifting pat-terns in sectoral contribution to overall development. An increasing proportion of the wealth generated by Uganda’s economy is…