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How big are post-harvest losses in Ethiopia? Evidence from teff

Based on a unique large-scale data set on teff production and marketing, Ethiopia’s most important cash crop, we study post-harvest losses in rural-urban value chains, specifically between producers and urban retailers in the capital, Addis Ababa. We…

project paper

Coffee Value Chains on the Move: Evidence from Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Ethiopia

In this paper, we look at the coffee sector in Ethiopia and analyze changes and their drivers upstream in the value chain. In this study we focus on three main research questions. First, we study changes in coffee production practices over the last…

project paper

Ethiopia’s value chains on the move: The case of teff

We study the value chain of teff, Ethiopia’s most important staple food crop by area and value. Based on large-scale primary surveys, we find significant changes in the last decade. First, there is increasing adoption of modern inputs (chemical…