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Value-chain development for rural poverty reduction: A reality check and a warning

Chapter 2 (Stoian et al.) draws attention to the link between VCD and smallholder livelihood strategies that comprise a complex mix of subsistence and market-oriented activities and that are diversified to meet multiple livelihood goals and mitigate…

book chapter

Guides for Value-Chain development: A comparative review

This chapter reviews 11 guides for value-chain analysis and development. It compares the guides’ concepts, objectives, and methods and identifies strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. The assessment characterizes the state of the art for designing…

book chapter

Using quantitative tools to measure gender differences within value chains

Chapter 14 (Madrigal and Torero) sheds light on an important issue that is not captured by any of the previous approaches: Most value-chain impact evaluations fail to look at effects disaggregated by gender. This is an important oversight, because in…


Ending hunger: What would it cost?

We are at a major turning point in history. For the first time ever the world has committed to ending hunger. Not to reduce or halve it—but to end hunger. When world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015, they…

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The economic value of seasonal forecasts stochastic economywide analysis for East Africa

There is growing interest within the climate change and development community in using seasonal forecast information to reduce the losses to agriculture resulting from climate variability, especially within food-insecure countries. However, forecast…