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Dealing with critical challenges in African innovation platforms: Lessons for facilitation

Dynamic innovation processes and differences in interests, capacities, and power present challenges for platform facilitators. Based on group reflection on their own personal experiences facilitating innovation platforms, Chapter 10 (Swaans et al.)…

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Transformation of smallholder beef-cattle production in Vietnam

Chapter 6 (Stür, Troung Tan Khanh, and Duncan) analyzes how smallholders in Vietnam were able to transform an extensive traditional livestock production system into a more intensive one, taking advantage of the growing urban demand for high-quality…

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Collective action for market-chain innovation in the Andes

Chapter 7 (Devaux et al.) analyzes the work of the International Potato Center’s (CIP) Papa Andina regional network in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. This work sought to capitalize on the genetic diversity of native potatoes grown in remote mountainous…

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Multistakeholder platforms for linking small farmers to value chains: Evidence from the Andes

Analyses of work in the Andes (Chapter 8; Cavatassi et al. 2011) indicate that platforms that bring stakeholders together around value chains can result in new products, processes, norms, and behaviors that benefit poor farmers in ways that would not…