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discussion paper

The economic value of seasonal forecasts stochastic economywide analysis for East Africa

There is growing interest within the climate change and development community in using seasonal forecast information to reduce the losses to agriculture resulting from climate variability, especially within food-insecure countries. However, forecast…

project paper

How big are post-harvest losses in Ethiopia? Evidence from teff

Based on a unique large-scale data set on teff production and marketing, Ethiopia’s most important cash crop, we study post-harvest losses in rural-urban value chains, specifically between producers and urban retailers in the capital, Addis Ababa. We…


A4NH 2015 annual report

In its fourth year, the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) has many accomplishments to be proud of and much to look forward to. By the end of 2015, biofortified staple foods had reached approximately 15 million…


2016 Global Food Policy Report: Synopsis [in Russian]

Для международного сообщества 2015 год стал поворотным моментом. Окончание срока выполнения Целей развития тысячелетия подчеркнуло поразительные успехи, достигнутые с 1990 года: доля людей, живущих в крайней нищете, уровень детской смертности и…


2016 Global Food Policy Report: Synopsis [in Chinese]

2015年对国际社会而言是具有分水岭意义的一年。联合国千年发 展目标于2015年到期;自1990年以来,世界各国在实现千年发 展目标方面取得了重大的进展,极端贫困人口、儿童死亡率以及饥 饿人口比例均降低了约一半。然而,我们仍然面临着巨大的挑战。 《2016全球粮食政策报告》综述了影响2015年及未来的食物安全和 营养的主要趋势、事件和变化,并探讨了全球食物系统如何在为进 一步减少饥饿、营养不良和贫困做出最优贡献的同时,确保全球资 源的可持续利用。2016年是我们将新的国际和国家承诺转化为行动 的重要的一年。


Informe de políticas alimentarias mundiales 2016: Sinopsis

El año 2015 marcó un giro decisivo para la comunidad internacional del desarrollo. Si bien aún persisten retos inmensos, la culminación de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio puso de relieve los impresionantes logros alcanzados desde 1990: tanto…

discussion paper

Agricultural mechanization and agricultural transformation

A renewed focus on agriculture’s potential contribution to economic transformation in Africa has resulted in increased attention paid to agricultural mechanization. African agriculture still relies predominantly on human muscle power despite anecdotal…